the hardest job there is,

worst paying job out there,

yet the most rewarding job one could have.

Like any other job out there, being a mom comes with its ups and downs, pros and cons, the good, the bad and most certainly the ugly.


My life and job as a mom has left me experiencing the bad, the cons and the UGLY more  often than not. To be honest, it has left me feeling quite unhappy and inadequate, like I am not enough for my myself, my husband and my kids.

I have everything that I have always wanted/dreamed of so why am I not happy?

Am I unhappy with… my marriage?  my kids?  my life?  my job? Unhappy with my home? Am I unhappy with myself?

I lay in bed at night, thinking what if….

  • what if… I am not good enough
  • what if… I am not beautiful/skinny enough
  • what if…I was too mean, angry, acted too harsh
  • what if…I didn’t love on my family enough
  • what if…they don’t know that I love them despite
  • what if… I am not strong enough
  • what if… I am too impatient
  • what if… I am not smart enough
  • what if… I am too coddling/enabling
  • what if…I would have said “this” instead
  • what if…I do this next time
  • what if….what if…what if….

The truth is, none of this honestly matters. It may matter to me, but to the rest of my tribe….they could care less!!!! At the end of the day, they are happy, healthy, sleeping soundly and DEFINITELY know that they are LOVED. Loved by me, their mom. Their number 1 fan. Their personal assistant, cook, nurse, teacher, driver, etc., etc., etc.

But most importantly they are loved by God, our Heavenly Father Above. I am thankful and blessed and honored that God chose me to be the mother of my children, and the wife to my best friend. If I am good enough, strong enough, smart enough, patient enough, kind enough and so much more for God, than I AM ENOUGH for myself, my family and my God.

These feelings of defeat and inadequacy that accompany mom life will come and go just as the ups go down and downs go up.  Some days are better than others, but they are ALL good…enough. And I am TRULY HAPPY with my life. job, family and self…just may not be happy with how things worked out that particular day.

So here is to a good night’s sleep and a fresh start tomorrow (and hoping the sun decides to shine bright).

Much love, hugs and blessing to all you fellow #momlife conquerors.

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In a weeks time…

School has been out for just a little over and week and our summer vacation is well underway. I thought that once school was over, the rushing and chaos would be a little less, well…CRAZY! Boy was I wrong! 

We have lots of fun stuff planned:

  1. Weekly field trips to a local park
  2. Making day trip to the local amusement park
  3. Relaxing by the pool
  4. Numerous play dates
  5. Spending time at the museum, science center and zoo

However, so far our plans have been changed over and over again. Instead we have

  1. Made a couple of trips to the ER for sprained muscles and head bumps
  2. Spent a day or two inside playing the Wii while it rained and rained and rained
  3. Listened to the roofers replace the roof for two days
  4. Watch the plumber replace broken toilets
  5. Running back and forth to the baseball fields for game after game after game
  6. Made numerous trips to the grocery store to keep the food supply replenished for my growing kids never ending pits called stomachs

I do have to say that the local VFD carnival was in town for a few days and the kids did get to have some unplanned surprises, even if it did cost me an arm and a leg…lol

Thankfully everything turned out fine and worked out. Hopefully we are over the bumps in the roads and the rest of the summer will be smooth sailing. 

Happy summer friends!! 

Feeling a bit blue

Today has been an emotional day in so many ways.

It really is hard to explain how one feels when their emotions are all over the place.

One minute happy.

One minute sad.

Then next minute a bit hurt and pissed (pardon my language).

Then back to sad emotion, but this time a bit more depressed and the tears start coming and you can’t seem to stop them. No matter what you try.

First, my 10 year anniversary is coming up next week and my husband is on the other side of the continent and we unable to celebrate together. I am thankful that he has a job, proud of the hard work that he does (and he is good at it), but I can’t help but miss him more than normal right now and would love for him to be able to come home. But life happens!!!

Second, my beautiful, funny, sarcastic, smart yet sensitive niece graduation high school yesterday and her graduation is tonight. I am so proud of her, yet she makes me feel OLD. My own kids don’t make me feel old, they do their best to keep me young at heart.

Third, continuing with my niece’s graduation, all I can think about is how happy and proud and delighted and overcome with joy my mother would be. It truly is the worse pain to grieve a loved one during times of celebrating these wonderful milestones.

Fourth, I am gearing up to spend another summer with my dad traveling overseas. It kind of sucks not having certain people in your life during times that you may need them. However, I am SO excited for him to reconnect with old friends in the land down under.

Fifth, my oldest friend turns 40 today. Which means I will be turning 40 in a few short months (shhh don’t tell anybody!).

Lastly, my neighbor and good friend has packed up her house, her family and her life and moved away today. The bad part about the whole situation is that we really haven’t talked or seen each other much in the past month. At times I seriously thought that it was because it was due to avoidance. Were we avoiding each other because

  • we didn’t want to say good bye?
  • we didn’t want to say something we would regret?
  • we didn’t want to cry?
  • it was too painful?
  • someone was mad?
  • someone lied about something?
  • we didn’t know what to say or do?
  • none of the above?
  • all of the above?

But in the end, her truck pulled out of the driveway without a good bye said. No smile or wave seen. No hug given. Just a text that said…”take care & lots of love” Now my emotions and tears are back in full force.

Oh what a day!!!!! Hope you all have a more enjoyable Friday than I am.

Three is the magic number!


3 days

Only 3 days

Only 3 more days

Only 3 more days of:

  • School
  • Setting an alarm
  • Dragging the kids out of bed
  • Packing lunches
  • Rushing around in the early morning hours
  • Trying to make it to the bus stop on time
  • Fighting over the days wardrobe
  • Having only 2 little girls home
  • Peace and quiet
  • Enjoying a neat and tidy house
  • Having a stocked fridge and pantry
  • Trying to hang on to whatever sanity I had left 

On the flip side, there’s only 3 days until:

  • Summer vacation starts
  • My son officially becomes a 4 th grader
  • My daughter graduates Kindergarten
  • I get to spend more time with my kiddos
  • More giggles echo through the house
  • We can stay up later watching the sun set
  • Running around outside all day becomes the norm
  • Catching lightning bugs is a goal
  • Day trips around town start
  • Many more memories are made
  • This momma gets some much needed downtime

Bring it!

My son swalled his gum.

My kindergartener lost her tooth.

My threenager peed her pants.

My toddler spilled her milk.

The dog ate a crayon.

You’d think the world is coming to an end with their reactions. There is never a dull moment with my tribe. But I am so thankful:

  • It’s Friday Friyay
  • It’s a 3 day weekend
  • There’s only 2.5 days of school left
  •  Spring weather has finally decided to stick around

Bring on the summer and all the extra chaos that goes with it. 

I’m ready! Not really, but….

Thankful Thursday: Essential Chaos

This week has been kinda of a long, gloomy and anxious week. The days have been filled with:

  • Anxious kids counting down to the last day of school (June 1)
  • Chilly winds and rain clouds
  • Cranky toddlers whining because they can’t go play outside due to the rain
  • Itchy patches on skin
  • Cuts and scrapes
  • Cooking block-not being able to think of something good for dinner
  • Running back and forth from one activity to another
  • Financial stress
  • Roof needing fixed
  • Toilets having to be replaced 
  • Restless and over tired and not to mention overwhelmed momma

Our days may be filled with chaos but our everyday lives don’t have to be. If there was ever a time that I have been thankful for my essential oils it has been this week. I faithfully put oils on daily to help build up and support our immune system, relieve seasonal threats and support respiratory function and keep our moods in check. However, this week some of the oils may have worked overtime…lol

OnGuard: my son got attacked by a tree…lol Actually while playing outside he wasn’t paying attention and ran into a fallen over tree trunk and got a pretty yucky scrape and a piece or two of the bark got jammed into his leg. After washing it out with peroxide I generously applied diluted On Guard and layered it with lavender. 

: along with my sons ouchie, my youngest seemed to be getting a new cut, bump, bruise or scrape everyday. A little spray with a mix of Lavender, Melaleuca and Witch Hazel works every time!

: awesome oil for removing sticky junk from any surface. It’s gentle enough to remove bandaid glue from my son’s leg without irritating it, at cleanses at the same time.

Balance: with more than usual chaise this momma felt a little drained and overwhelmed at times the past few days and relied on her Geounding Blend to get her through. A drop on the wrists and over my heart gets things back to a “normal” place again…lol

PastTense: With the decreasing hours of sleep and the rising levels of stress, I tend to find myself clenching my jaw. This little roller bottle of awesomeness has been truly amazing relieving my tension headaches. A little dab on my temples, forehead and neck and with 20 minutes I am feeling back to myself again. If I am being truthful, the one thing I don’t like about this blend is the smell. It has cilantro in it and I HATE cilantro. But I suck it up and get past the smell and enjoy the benefits. 

Mud Mask: dōTERRA has this amazing Detoxifying Mud Mask to use on ones face to help rid of impurities and remove all the excess dirt and makeup. Well it also some other AWESOME uses…my threee old developed an “itchy patch” after playing near the woods the other day. Poison? Perhaps, but couldn’t say for sure. Anyways, I lathered her patches with this mud, let dry, rinsed it off with warm water and she was good as new. The mask removed the redness, took away some of the puffiness and relieved the itching. Followed with a spritz of lavender and melaleuca in coconut oil (no more ouchies blend) and her complaining stopped. Used the No More Ouchies Blend every few hours to help support healing and the patches are just about gone. 

Cedarwood and Roman Chamomile: my kids always seem to feed off each other no matter if it’s good moods or bad moods. Cedarwood up and down all their spines and Roman Chamomile on their feet is a life saver in our house. 

Deep Blue and Serenity: this momma is always tired with caring for 4 little ones but this week just seems to be a bit worse withtrying to ward off the kids excited and anxious feelings about school ending. So to help me relax and get comfy I rub Deep Blue anywhere I felt sore/tight/tension and diffused serenity in my room to promote a good night’s sleep. After about 30 minutes I felt much more relaxed and was able to get comfy enough to sleep a few hours before someone woke me up…lol 

I am so in love with my oils, how they make me feel, all the good that comes from them and the fact that my kids ask for them. If you haven’t taken the jump into oils yet, now is the time. I promise you, you WON’T regret it!! 

Chaos of #momlife

It’s been a while since I have written anything and posted on here. I feel like I have been missing in action, yet everywhere at once.

The past few weeks are honestly a complete blur and I am not sure how I have managed to make from one day to the next. Its been one thing after another, running from one place to another, chore after chore after chore and playing phone tag with everyone. My days/weeks have gone something like this:

  • barely open my eyes with the sun
  • Drag the kids out of bed for school
  • Make, eat and clean up breakfast
  • Run the kids up to the bus stop
  • Shower, get myself and little girls dressed
  • Take a trip to the pediatrician for some reason or the other (been there 3 times in 2 weeks for different kids and different reasons)
  • Do a load of laundry, remember the one from yesterday..repeat…repeat…repeat
  • Make a dozen phones calls
  • Go grocery shopping AGAIN
  • Run an errand or 2 or 3
  • Pay bills
  • Naptime…wishful thinking I know
  • Run the sweeper for the umpteenth time in a day
  • Pick the kids up from school
  • After school activities…gymnastics, piano, baseball, Tball
  • Somewhere in between get the kids fed dinner and bathed and ready for next day
  • Go to bed, just to prepare to do the same thing over day after day after day


It’s a crazy, chaotic #momlife, but someone has to do it…lol

Actually, I love my #momlife and wouldn’t trade it for ANYTHING…well maybe another cup of coffee, or a few more hours of sleep or a clone…lol No seriously, my life is truly blessed and I am amazed at the end of the day that my tiny humans are still crazy alive and well, considering I am fulfilling all jobs solo for the next few months.

I am totally looking forward for school to be over and summer vacation to commence…a whole new kind of chaos starts, but the rushing and running slow down a bit. Only 8 (not including the weekends) days to go!!!!


Have a blessed weekend friends!!!!