In a weeks time…

School has been out for just a little over and week and our summer vacation is well underway. I thought that once school was over, the rushing and chaos would be a little less, well…CRAZY! Boy was I wrong! 

We have lots of fun stuff planned:

  1. Weekly field trips to a local park
  2. Making day trip to the local amusement park
  3. Relaxing by the pool
  4. Numerous play dates
  5. Spending time at the museum, science center and zoo

However, so far our plans have been changed over and over again. Instead we have

  1. Made a couple of trips to the ER for sprained muscles and head bumps
  2. Spent a day or two inside playing the Wii while it rained and rained and rained
  3. Listened to the roofers replace the roof for two days
  4. Watch the plumber replace broken toilets
  5. Running back and forth to the baseball fields for game after game after game
  6. Made numerous trips to the grocery store to keep the food supply replenished for my growing kids never ending pits called stomachs

I do have to say that the local VFD carnival was in town for a few days and the kids did get to have some unplanned surprises, even if it did cost me an arm and a leg…lol

Thankfully everything turned out fine and worked out. Hopefully we are over the bumps in the roads and the rest of the summer will be smooth sailing. 

Happy summer friends!! 


3 thoughts on “In a weeks time…

  1. Oh my gosh! ER and broken toilets and a broken roof?! I wouldn’t wish that on my enemies!!! Poor you guys.. Keep up the summer fun, and I hope the weather starts cooperating so you can hit up those parks!


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