Thankful Thursday: Essential Chaos

This week has been kinda of a long, gloomy and anxious week. The days have been filled with:

  • Anxious kids counting down to the last day of school (June 1)
  • Chilly winds and rain clouds
  • Cranky toddlers whining because they can’t go play outside due to the rain
  • Itchy patches on skin
  • Cuts and scrapes
  • Cooking block-not being able to think of something good for dinner
  • Running back and forth from one activity to another
  • Financial stress
  • Roof needing fixed
  • Toilets having to be replaced 
  • Restless and over tired and not to mention overwhelmed momma

Our days may be filled with chaos but our everyday lives don’t have to be. If there was ever a time that I have been thankful for my essential oils it has been this week. I faithfully put oils on daily to help build up and support our immune system, relieve seasonal threats and support respiratory function and keep our moods in check. However, this week some of the oils may have worked overtime…lol

OnGuard: my son got attacked by a tree…lol Actually while playing outside he wasn’t paying attention and ran into a fallen over tree trunk and got a pretty yucky scrape and a piece or two of the bark got jammed into his leg. After washing it out with peroxide I generously applied diluted On Guard and layered it with lavender. 

: along with my sons ouchie, my youngest seemed to be getting a new cut, bump, bruise or scrape everyday. A little spray with a mix of Lavender, Melaleuca and Witch Hazel works every time!

: awesome oil for removing sticky junk from any surface. It’s gentle enough to remove bandaid glue from my son’s leg without irritating it, at cleanses at the same time.

Balance: with more than usual chaise this momma felt a little drained and overwhelmed at times the past few days and relied on her Geounding Blend to get her through. A drop on the wrists and over my heart gets things back to a “normal” place again…lol

PastTense: With the decreasing hours of sleep and the rising levels of stress, I tend to find myself clenching my jaw. This little roller bottle of awesomeness has been truly amazing relieving my tension headaches. A little dab on my temples, forehead and neck and with 20 minutes I am feeling back to myself again. If I am being truthful, the one thing I don’t like about this blend is the smell. It has cilantro in it and I HATE cilantro. But I suck it up and get past the smell and enjoy the benefits. 

Mud Mask: dōTERRA has this amazing Detoxifying Mud Mask to use on ones face to help rid of impurities and remove all the excess dirt and makeup. Well it also some other AWESOME uses…my threee old developed an “itchy patch” after playing near the woods the other day. Poison? Perhaps, but couldn’t say for sure. Anyways, I lathered her patches with this mud, let dry, rinsed it off with warm water and she was good as new. The mask removed the redness, took away some of the puffiness and relieved the itching. Followed with a spritz of lavender and melaleuca in coconut oil (no more ouchies blend) and her complaining stopped. Used the No More Ouchies Blend every few hours to help support healing and the patches are just about gone. 

Cedarwood and Roman Chamomile: my kids always seem to feed off each other no matter if it’s good moods or bad moods. Cedarwood up and down all their spines and Roman Chamomile on their feet is a life saver in our house. 

Deep Blue and Serenity: this momma is always tired with caring for 4 little ones but this week just seems to be a bit worse withtrying to ward off the kids excited and anxious feelings about school ending. So to help me relax and get comfy I rub Deep Blue anywhere I felt sore/tight/tension and diffused serenity in my room to promote a good night’s sleep. After about 30 minutes I felt much more relaxed and was able to get comfy enough to sleep a few hours before someone woke me up…lol 

I am so in love with my oils, how they make me feel, all the good that comes from them and the fact that my kids ask for them. If you haven’t taken the jump into oils yet, now is the time. I promise you, you WON’T regret it!! 


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