Merry Merry Month of May

I’m gonna be short, blunt and straight to the point (insert business pitch here)…bear with me if you will, please!

It’s May 1st!!!

I am always excited for the first of the month to arrive for many reasons, but the start of May is so far the best…

  1. the countdown to summer has begun. My kids only  have 1 more month (4.5 weeks) of school left.
  2. Spring is OFFICIALLY here and the threat of winter weather ‘should’ be behind us.
  3. Only 5 more months of baseball season to go…lol See my blog post here for explanation
  4. doTERRA oils promotions for the month of May are OUTSTANDING!!!! The best I have seen yet.

Here is a quick run down of what is being offered

  • 10% off the petal diffuser
  • Cedarwood is the product of the month (qualifying orders earn it for FREE)
  • Enroll as an ADVOCATE and receive 50 PV in FREE Products

To check out the promotions and deals for May in detail, click here 



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