and the Spring Cleaning continues…

Well for the most part I thought I was all done with my Spring Cleaning.

Until today… Today I had to ‘Spring Clean’ my washer.


You heard me right!

My 3-year-old didn’t make it to the potty in time and had a bit of an accident on the pretty fluffy rug in the guest bathroom. Why she even went potty in there is beyond me. Anyways, the mess a bit much for a little bit of carpet cleaner and a rag. I had to put the whole rug in the washing machine.

I made sure it was on a gentle cycle with warm water. Well that didn’t matter. It fell apart anyways. Fuzzy strings and rubber pieces ALL over the place…the washer, the floor, me. It was a crazy sight.

Needless to say the rug went straight into the trash…actually there was practically nothing left of it. I had to run the vacuum 3 times in the laundry room and 2 of those times were in the washing machine. Have you ever had to vacuum out your washer? It’s quite the challenge…lol

About 6 years ago when my son was in the midst of potty training I had to ‘Spring Clean’ my dryer when he thought he was ‘helping’ me clean up from an accident that he had. It wasn’t just an ‘I didn’t make it to the potty and messed on the floor’ accident like my daughters. It was  a ‘mommy needed to use a whole container of Clorox wipes to clean the dried poop’ from the inside of the dryer mess.

At that point I was also 8 months pregnant with my oldest daughter and gave up the fight of potty training my son. I couldn’t find it in me to keep up, plus I couldn’t get up and down off the floor as quick and easy anymore…lol

Hopefully this is the end of my deep Spring Cleaning, for a week at least anyways…LOL



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