Superwoman…I mean mom

Typically on a Wednesday morning, things are a bit crazy and slow around our house. Over the Hump day usually causes trouble for the kids…they want to sleep in, take their good ole time eating and getting dressed along with running out the door just in time to catch the bus (actually the car pool ride to the bus stop.)

However, for some odd and unrecognizable reasons, today was far from the norm. (but believe me, I am NOT complaining!)

  • I was up way before the alarm went off
  • the kids got up and out of bed on their own
  • 3 out of 5 showered and dressed before 8:00am
  • breakfast was chowed down at a decent rate
  • all the trash gathered and taken to the curb for pick up
  • bills paid and in the mailbox
  • dog fed and water without any reminding

 ***Keeping to our regular routine, the kids were still running out the door to catch their ride…lol***


As much as I feel like Supermom and think I accomplished the world in just a few hours this AM, there is still a laundry list of  ‘stuff’ to get done.

  1. unload the dishwasher just to reload it again
  2. make beds
  3. go grocery shopping
  4. bathe the little girls
  5. prepare dinner
  6. run the vacuum
  7. make a few phone calls
  8. ???? i am sure there is something i am forgetting…lol


Trust me, most days I am lucky to be showered, dressed and one thing crossed off my TO DO List before noon…LOL😬☺️

I hope that you have a peaceful, productive and blessed Wednesday!!!!



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