Toddler Talk Tuesday

Kids say the darnedest things whether they are prompted or not. I know mine aways have some snarky, off the wall, embarrassing comeback. Take a seat, sit back and enjoy this awesome, parent embarrassing, kid-friendly quiz.

I accepted the challenge from a fellow blogger and here are the results:

What is something I say a lot? Silly nut

What makes me happy? when we stop crying

How tall am I? 40

What is my favorite thing to do? Play with me

What is my favorite food? Salad…(kinda)

What is my favorite drink? Water and Coffee…YEP!!!

If I could go anywhere, where would it be? the mall

Do you think you could live without me? NO!!!

What is my favorite TV show? Dance….meaning “Dancing with the Stars” and she’s partly right.

What is my favorite music to listen to? Veggie Tales…umm…NO, that’s hers…lol

How old am I? um…40 (will be 40 in December)

What’s my favorite color? Pink

How much do you love me? “more, to the moon and back!”


Thanks to for sharing this quiz 



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