Sunday not so Funday

Sundays are usually a nice, fun, relaxing day when we head to church and spend the day with family. But not today…
I feel like my emotions are all over the place, up/down, all around like a roller coaster. I have had more episodes where I go from blowing my top to balling my eyes out this morning than I have had all month long. This Mommas mood meter is completely out of whack and my tribe is feeling a bit uncertain and on edge. But honestly, that doesn’t stop them from being loud, crazy, obnoxious, messy and disobedient…ugh!!!

I keep applying my “Go To Feel Good” essential oils but unfortunately they don’t seem to be doing the trick quickly today. I am on my second cup of coffee and things seem to still feel irritating. The list of emotional destroyers is endless, it could be anything today…

  • Up late last night and didn’t sleep well
  • Kids had me up with the sun ☀️ 
  • Woke up to my youngest having an explosive diaper all over my white carpeting 
  • The dog decided to use my floor as his back yard 🐕
  • I have permanent imprints of Legos on the bottom of my feet because someone refuses to clean up their mess
  • It’s that “awesome” womanly time of month (actually it’s the last day)
  • Hubby is currently on a plane flying half way across the country ✈️
  • Haven’t had a moment of peace and quiet to myself in who knows how long
  • The neighbor kids were ringing the doorbell nonstop before breakfast was over
  • Really missing and needing to talk with my mom. It’s days like today I really wish heaven had a phone ☎️ 

However, I am thankful that the sun is shining high and bright and my children are super forgiving and loving! I have apologized numerous times for my “unstable” behavior today and my babies just look at me with those love filled concerned eyes, hug me tightly, smile and say “it’s ok, we love you!” And then run off to continue to make me crazy…lol

To be honest, it actually has helped typing this all out. I feel some what calmer and a bit more relaxed after venting to all you wonderful peeps! THANKS from the bottom of my heart 😘

May your Sunday be a blessed funday!


3 thoughts on “Sunday not so Funday

  1. I can almost feel the emotions you laid out here, this all sounds way too familiar!! I wish I could just give you a hug or sip coffee with you because I know how lonely motherhood can feel on days like that. Lonely, yet all you really want is to be left alone,lol. So funny how that works.

    You’re a strong mama and I really hope your week gets better from here 😀

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