Friday Funny: conversations with a 3yo

It’s been a pretty slow and lazy day in our house after spring cleaning the past few days. I don’t feel so guilty taking it easy since it’s threatening to storm. My little girls and I have been enjoying some cuddle time on the couch watching movies and playing with magnetic blocks (these things are awesome!)

Even though we are laying low today, things are still as chaotic as always with a 2 & 3 year old around. At lunch we were chatting about school and church and going to play with the kids. Prepare yourself for the following “in depth” conversation:

Me: “Are you excited to go play with the kids when you start school?”

C: “No!”

Me: “How come?”

C: “Because I am not going to school or to church to play with the kids.”

Me: “Why?”

C: “Because I am not a kid.”

Me: “You’re not? Then what are you? (thinking she is going to say a baby, big girl or something along those lines)

C: “I am a parrot!”

Me : ☺️☺️🤔🤔🤣🤣


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