Thankful Thursday: Essential Oils

A few times throughout my day I was very pleased when I realized that it was Thursday. It actually feels a bit like a Tuesday to me since my kids just went back to school yesterday.

Anyways, back to the point of this post…

I am very thankful for my dōTERRA essential oils and the amazing results that I have gotten when using them on my self, my family and my home. Today is NO exception!

Oils for my home.

Since my kids spring break ended, I figured I would get my house back in order and start spring cleaning (see my previous blog post here ). I absolutely hate to clean, but my kids know how to make an mess. Plus it’s been some time since I actually did a deep clean. I used essential oils for every chore, on every service and for every cleaning task tackled.

  1. Bed sheets and towels: a few drops of DōTERRA Purify in the washing machine leaves the items smelling fresh, oder free and safely sanitized.img_1132
  2. On my mattresses: add a few drops of Lemon oil in some baking soda, sprinkle on the mattress, let set for a few hours and vacuum up. The mattress is deoderized, sanitized and smelling lemony fresh!😃
  3. Hardwood floors: In a spray bottle I have equal drops of Lemon, Lime and DōTERRA OnGuard mixed with water. Spray the floor and mop it up with my Norwex Mop and they are left clean and shiny. I also use this spray on my table tops and countertops…any hard surface actually!
  4. Windows: Mixed with equal parts of vinegar and water is Lemon oil in a spray bottle. With my Norwex Window cloth my windows are left squeaky clean and streak free!

Oils for my little girls.

Both my little girls (2 & 3) seemed a bit out of sorts today and few extra oily massages seemed to help combat the attitudes and keep the meltdowns at a safe distance, most of the time.

  1. My 3 year old has developed a UTI and is on an antibiotic. To counteract the side effects of the meds I rub DōTERRA DigestZen around her belly button (clockwise) 3x a day.
  2. Also for my 3 year old to help support a healthy urinary tract, I rub and layer diluted Cypress and Lemongrass over her bladder and kidneys.
  3. My 2 year old is either having growing pains or not getting enough sleep, or both and has been one irritable little girl, but it’s nothing a little bit of Cedarwood on her spine and Roman Chamomile on her feet doesn’t help go away. Within minutes of covering her with the oils she is calmer and back to her smiling cute self.


Oils for momma.

Because I had the crazy idea to deep clean and I am spending my day chasing after crazy little girls, this momma needs some oils too.

  1. Sore, achy muscles call for layering of Lemongrass and DōTERRA Deep Blue…oh what a soothing and relaxing feeling.
  2. DōTERRA Balance helps keep my moodiness in check. I rub it on my wrists and behind my ears a few times a day.
  3. Bergamot over my heart keeps this momma happy when cleaning up endless accidents and dealing with tantrums.






I could go on and on and on about which oils I use, when and where I use them, how often I use them how so very happy I am with them. They truly are life changing, not to mention AWESOME smelling! Interested in hearing more? Check out my Essential Chaos Oils page or contact me at

P.S. I do have to see, not only do the oils make this momma happy and the chaos feel less chaotic, but so does having a fresh smelling, clean house…even if it is only for a few short minutes…LOL


2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Essential Oils

  1. Huh, you are the second blogger I’ve read mention Norwex cloths. mentioned it a few weeks ago, too. Do you use them for washing countertops and skin as well? Good tips about the oils – I don’t do essential oils, but I may in the future.


    1. Yes I do use the cloths on countertops and skin. Like the oils I was skeptical at first but once I committed to using them for a week or so I was sold and haven’t looked back since. I would love for you to give the oils a try someday…soon😜 let’s talk!


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