Spring Cleaning Challenge: days 1 & 2

Yesterday the bright idea of starting to spring clean my home came to me. I figured that since Spring Break is over and the bigs kids are back to school it would be a good time to get my house back in order. HAHAHA what was I thinking?!?! With two little ones still at home by my side every waking moment of the day, not the smartest idea I ever had. But I am not one to quit easily, especially if it’s a task/project started in which it totally makes my house a bit more chaotic then usual. Therefore I want it finished to restore order…lol

Yesterday was DAY 1 of my personal spring cleaning challenge and I started bright and early with a “doable” to do list to accomplish. Starting with the downstairs…

1. Guest room:

  • Wash and change bed sheets
  • Dust, run the vacuum, and put away miscellaneous stuff on dresser
  • Clean guest bathroom top to bottom and inside out (including towels and rugs)
  • Dust the blinds and wash the windows 

2. Computer room

  • Dust, vacuum and mop
  • Straighten up desk
  • Clean blinds and windows

3. Powder Room

  • Clean it top to bottom
  • Wash rug and towels
  • Mirror
  • Scrub floor

4. Dinning Room

  • Dust, vacuum and mop
  • Dust piano
  • Clean blinds and windows

5. Entry way

  • Dust, vacuum and mop
  • Scrub carpet
  • Wash windows
  • Water plants

I got as far as to starting the dinning room and didn’t complete the floor task of the computer room. In addition, I decided to do the kids laundry so when I put the kids laundry away I decided to clean their bathrooms…see totally cleaning ADHD! I believe I bit off more than I could chew yesterday and it’s safe to say I didn’t accomplish anything close to what I wanted. I did, however, found out a few things about myself. Things I already knew but refused to admit…lol

  1. I totally have Cleaning ADHD…have about 5 tasks started at the same time and unable to finish them because I am easily sidetracked and forget what I was doing.
  2. I tend to neglect things that I don’t see or use on a daily basis…out of sight, out of mind
  3. My kids may be huge mess makers but surprisingly we are not dirty slobs:)
  4. In order to accomplish everything I want to in one day I either need to not sleep or figure out a way to add more hours to my day
  5. I have come to grips with it being ok to have unfinished TO DO list, even if it miles long and takes days or weeks to complete

Today is DAY 2 of my spring cleaning challenge and I am off to a late and slow start. Today’s TO DO list consists of:

1. Dinning Room

  • Vacuums and mop floors
  • Dust blinds and clean windows
  • Water plants

2.  Entry way

  • Vacuum and mop floors
  • Water plants
  • Clean windows

3.  Computer Room

  • Mop floors

4. Living Room

  • Wash ALL blankets
  • Vacuum
  • Dust
  • Water plants
  • Freshen up furniture with a homemade essential oil spray
  • Wash blinds and windows

5. Laundry: start and hope to finish MY laundry

I have high hopes of actually accomplishing my list today, maybe except for my laundry, since all tasks seem short and simple enough…yeah right. Wishful thinking I know, but a girl can dream right? LOL

Trying to make our home a healthier and safer place to enjoy, I use essential oils to help purify the air and surfaces, boost immunity, encourage positivity and uplift moods as well as combat seasonal threats and everyday germs, promote healthy sleeping patterns and eating habits. These oils have made a HUGE difference in our lives and home and I absolutely 💯 encourage others to take the jump. I would love to help you! 

Essential Chaos http://wp.me/essentialchaosoils




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