Everyone has them but not everyone can remember them.

If dreams are any indication what our real life is like than my dreams definitely confirm that my life is a chaotic mess!

Last nights dream was…interesting! •It started off with me back at a school I was taught at over 10 years ago, getting ready to quit/leave/retire/or who knows what and my students threw a party for me.

•We walk outside to a parking lot and suddenly myself and my husband are dancing to 1950’s music and  start driving old cars. We even got the wardrobe to match.

•Then it quickly changed into us, with unnamed others swimming in a lake and my aunt is there checking up on to make sure we are behaving…lol I guess we are back to being teenagers at this point in the dream.

•From the lake, I end up in a mall playing hide-and-go-seek with…I’m not real sure with who. The people in this part of my dream don’t talk and don’t have faces that I recognize or can make out. If I remember correctly I don’t even talk in this part.

•While looking for the others, roaming  from one room/store to another in and out of behind racks of clothing I look out the window to see my neighborhood that I currently live in.

•Next thing I know I am loading my kids up into the van to head to some kind of sports practice. I have a feeling that its soccer practice, which is funny because NONE of my kids play soccer…lol. While driving up the road, the sun is just rising above the horizon and I watch my good friend and neighbor back their camper into their driveway. They are just returning from a week long camping trip over Spring Break. I honk the horn, we all wave but they don’t seem to hear us or see us.  I decide to text her and as I reach for my phone the dream ends.

I woke up…confused, entertained and wondering what all that was about. Laying in bed at 3:00AM, tossing and turning, flipping and flopping, covers on, covers off, feet in, feet out I came to realize a few things on how my dreams and real life are similar: 

  1. With 4 small children my everyday life is definitely fast moving like my dream, but thankfully not as fast.
  2. There are times throughout the day that I feel like I am not seen or heard by my kids, husband, and others. In my dream there was part where I was mute and hiding.
  3. Perhaps I do move a bit fast and unable to notice everyone, their needs and everything around me…hence the blurry faces.
  4. I do miss my friend/neighbor and am looking forward to her family’s return to catch up.

But then there are a few things I am really unsure of why and how they took place:

  1. Living a moment in the past, part of the past I wasn’t even born in to experience.
  2. Why was I playing hide-and-go-seek…in a mall?!?!
  3. What about the soccer part?

Was it just a dream? Was it a message? Was it a trick from my subconscious? Perhaps it was something I ate? Who knows…all i know was that it was the weirdest dream I have had in a long time.


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