Is it really Easter Sunday?!?!

According to the calendar, today is Easter Sunday. But according to my family, it’s just an ordinary Sunday like any other.

I can honestly say that we don’t put much emphasis on the “Easter” part of this holiday. We celebrate the life, death and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ daily. We don’t need a date on the calendar to tell us to.

My husband and I do put together baskets for the kids. And they are NOT from the Easter bunny (we don’t do that…or Santa, or tooth fairy for that matter). We celebrate that Jesus overcame death and gave us the gift of life, that’s why we fill little baskets with books, clothes, and candy.

However, we do have a HUGE dinner. But with an immediate family of 16 people, I guess you can say we have a big dinner every week…lol This year was actually the first year that dinner was at my home and I prepared the feast. 

I have to be honest that cooking and stuffing a turkey is something I have NEVER done before. My hubs is always the one who brines and cooks the turkey and well as making the dressing for Christmas. Thanksgiving and Easter was usually at my parents house and my mom did the cooking, stuffing, baking and whatever else was expected to be done. Last year was our first holidays without her and it is a blur. I can’t remember who did what where!😬

Anyways, back to me stuffing a bird for the first time…I don’t think I did that bad of a job. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t the worst either. My dad was watching over my shoulder, guiding and instructing me on how my mom used to do it. It was a comic relief after frettting another holiday without her, (especially since her birthday was 3 days ago)…

  • There was bread everywhere
  • my eyes were watering like crazy from the onions 
  • a few eggs were cracked before they were supposed to be
  •  I made a HUGE mess all over my kitchen, just like my mom
  • I believe and hope I made her proud!

Overall, it was a beautiful, relaxing, fun, food and family filled day. I hope and pray that your family is greatly blessed! He is Risen!!!


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