Thankful Thursday: Remembering my MOM

Today would have been my mom’s 63rd birthday!

Today, and everyday, I am very thankful for the woman God chose for me to have as a mom. She may no longer be here on Earth with me, but she will always and forever be in my heart and memories.

My mom was a lady of many things…

  1. mother
  2. wife
  3. grammy
  4. sister
  5. friend
  6. mother-in-law 
  7. aunt
  8. counselor
  9. soulmate
  10. confidante
  11. neighbor
  12. jokester
  13. airhead
  14. cousin
  15. go getter
  16. daughter




My mom had a heart of gold, was always there for you and always willing to give you a piece of advice-whether you wanted to hear it or not. And whether or not it was actually appropriate to moment…LOL  There were things that my mom always said and did. We so kindly dubbed them “Doreyisms” (her name was Dorey)

  • “Hey! (insert name) You know what you should do?”
  • “If I was you, I would…”
  • “My SPECIALS”-the nickname she gave her 10 beautiful grandchildren
  • “It went YONG!”- how she described something when it didn’t go according to plan
  • “Go Figure!”- something she always said when it wasn’t what she expected
  • It’s precipitating!” When my older brother and I were younger, anytime it rained/snowed, we would joke with my mom that we could not drive because one time she suggested that we not go anywhere because it was ‘precipitating.”
  • BIG LOTS!- she would always suggest to people to head to Big Lots to find that ‘unique’ item that you/she was looking for
  • Aldi’s– the food items and deals that they had were BETTER THAN THE REST according to her. The funny part was that she ended up being right.
  • Mom always felt like it was her job to adjust your home decor. Sometimes it would be days or weeks until I would find her adjustment. At that point I guess she was right.
  • The first time you visited her house, you were a guest and usually got her ‘hostess with the mostess’ treatment. Anytime after that, you were to fend for yourself. The best part was that everyone who entered the house, knew this, understood this and complied! It was awesome. It is also something that I follow at my own house.


Each and every person my mom would meet, she befriended and showered them with love and attention that she thought they deserved. That is if she liked you…LOL If she didn’t like, watch out! But honestly, there were a few


people that she didn’t know, like or love and you couldn’t help but to return the feelings.








OH! How I miss this crazy lady each and everyday. Life
isn’t the same without her beside us and life certainly wouldn’t have been the same if it wasn’t for her! Love you to the moon and back DorDor. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IN HEAVEN!



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