Everything is a show tune

My three year old has managed to narrate everyone’s actions and put them into a song. Mostly to the tune of “Let It Go!” from the movie Frozen, but nonetheless. When I say everything, I mean EVERYTHING! There’s wasn’t an action, moment or idea she didn’t leave out…LOL

Here’s an abridged list of her singing narratives…

  • Getting dressed
  • Going to the bus stop, what’s happening at the bus stop and on the way home from the bus stop
  • How she walks up the stairs
  • Playing with her sister
  • Putting her toys away (while crying)
  • Little sister getting a diaper change
  • Helping mommy fold towels
  • Going potty & washing hands
  • Mommy taking a shower, getting dressed and doing her hair
  • Taking her shoe off of the dog
  • Jumping on the bed (singing why she isn’t allowed to jump while jumping)
  • Making and cleaning up from lunch
  • Telling mommy what she wants to watch on tv

Half the time I couldn’t understand what she was actually singing, a few words here and there, but the tune was most always the same.

My girl definitely is entertaining and makes for an interesting day. I love her and all her craziness! ❤❤


One thought on “Everything is a show tune

  1. Haha! Well done, kiddo! What is it with Frozen that the kids get so obsessed?! My 3.5yo just sings Let it Go or For the First Time in Forever all the time, so the tune gets in my head and I SING everything to that tune… UGH…


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