What’s for dinner?

HELP! I am in a dinner rut! I feel like I make the same things over and over and over again. It doesn’t help that my residents are picky and have their favorite requests and very skeptical to try new things. Not to mention some aren’t big fans veggies, some meat and others anything cold. 

It seems like I can’t even change up 1 ingredient without them figuring it out…they know! I don’t know how but they do…lol 

For instance…

  • Tried serving them Chef Boyardee Spaghetti O’s and they pretty much spot it right back out. It wasn’t the preferred Aldi brand.
  • Bought hotdogs bulk at SAM’s Club for a cook out and they refused to eat them. They were beef and not turkey.
  • When it comes to French toast sticks there is no replacing the Double Cinnamon from Aldi.
  • Nothing beats Kellogg’s brand fruit snacks.
  • Was in a bit of a hurry one day spaghetti and meatballs were in the menu, didn’t have time to make homemade and used a jar of store bought sauce…NO WAY JOSE…dinner was not eaten that night.

Perhaps my tribe is a bit spoiled and not as picky as I thought. Our weekly requests usually consist of the following…

  1. Homemade spaghetti and meatballs or grilled cheese and tomato soup from my son
  2. Walking tacos and tuna noodle casserole from my oldest daughter
  3. Mac-n-cheese, hotdogs or turkey sandwiches from my threenager
  4. Chicken nuggets, yogurt, and broccoli from the youngest

There are also days were the afterschool activity schedule doesn’t allow time for prep, consuming or even deciding, so take out or pick up is what’s for dinner these night. The kids usually argue over McDonalds vs Wendy’s or which local Chinese take out. Of course this mom always makes the executive decision and it’s whichever place is on the way! 

I am NOT a short order cook and will NOT make multiple choices each night…that’s left over night! So what’s on their plate is what’s for dinner, take it or leave it! The rule is, you don’t eat dinner, you don’t get snacks later.

So tell me…what are your go to, kid friendly, pleasing everyone, taste great dinner ideas? 


2 thoughts on “What’s for dinner?

  1. Yikes, I feel your pain. My husband is actually the pickiest in the family! If I make green beans, grilled chicken breasts, and pasta, everyone will eat it. We almost always have to have three separately served courses, though: a veggie, meat, and carb. homemade pizza is probably the clear winner though!


  2. My kids are weird (in a good way), they love pretty much everything. They are actually rather partial to mussels and sushi. In the realm of more “normal” foods, they also love lasagna, pizza, pasta in rosé sauce, quiche and fishcakes. Perhaps you could check out some stuff on Pinterest and make them pick one new meal they’d be willing to try per week/2weeks? Good luck, it can’t be easy cooking for picky eaters!


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