So it begins again…life as a baseball widow

Baseball Widow: (n) one who looses their significant other to the game of major league baseball

To clarify, I have not lost my husband to the game of baseball because he is a die hard fan, attends and watches all the local team games (see definition below). I lost him to his job, his career, his professional duties.

My hard working, loving and amazing husband holds the position as a Television Broadcast Director for one of the Major National League Baseball teams. This job requires him to hold a difficult, yet rewarding challenge of traveling with the team for both the home and away games. What does this means for us? It means that he is away from his family/home here in Pittsburgh for close to 6 months..all of the regular baseball season!!! 

I am extremely proud of my hard working husband and very thankful that he has a job that he is proud to call a career. But this position leaves me to uphold the tribe pratically by myself. Thankfully, I have the BEST support system a girl can ask for. I am blessed with:

  1. a dad who steps up to be my right hand man
  2. only a phone call away best friends
  3. awesome neighbors
  4. understanding school staff and faculty

We are going into the 4th season of this life.

Same book, just a different chapter.

Its not ideal, by any means, but right now it is what works for us, means my husband has a job, and the doors that God has opened for us are blessed. Each year when he packs up and says his ‘see ya real soon!’ to everybody, it seems surreal. Sometimes it will be days until we see him next. Sometimes it’s months. We text ALL THE TIME EVERYDAY, chat on the phone throughout the day (schedule permitting) and FACETIME multiple days a week…Thank goodness!

His schedule isn’t the typical 9-5 office job. He usually doesn’t arrive to the office (ballfield) until 3ish most days and there are days he doesn’t clock out until well after 11:00PM…all depends on the game and time zone. I pray nightly that the game goes quick & smoothly, it is not rain delayed and absolutely doesn’t go into extra innings…just so I can talk to my love before I go to bed. Holding down the fort as a single parent can be exhausting some days (ok who am I kidding? It’s exhausting everyday!) and I tend to be passed out before the news comes on. 

There are many positives to this long distant marriage thing too:

  • Off season/winter months off
  • Road trips (Florida, DC, Chicago, NYC)
  • Surprise gifts 
  • Decent pay check
  • A few other things too…

Like any marriage, it takes work, dedication, trust, respect, love and lots of prayer to make it work.

What surprises me the most is how resilient the kids are. Maybe it’s the fact they don’t really have a concept of time yet, or perhaps they are stronger than I am, but their behavior and attitude is awesome (most days). The first weeks of the transition takes some adjustment. But after a few seasons of doing this, we are pros…LOL They know they will see their daddy again, real soon!!

So, who are you rooting for to make it to the 2017 World Series?


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