When Grey’s Anatomy feels like Deja Vu

So earlier tonight I finally had some quiet time and sat down to watch the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy on my DVR. I kept putting it off because I knew what was in store for me from the previews and I wasn’t really looking forward to actually watching it. All I can say is it was a rough one…

  1. It hit all the touchy feels
  2. Pulled on my heart strings 
  3. Hit closer to home than ever could have imagined

I honestly don’t know I made it to the end without balling my eyes out or tossing the remote at the tv. No matter the kind, cancer sucks! It’s a disgusting, hateful, life changer.

Granted, my mom’s cancer treatment was not as aggressive, was not a clinical trial and was not on tv. But it was very much the real thing. It was long, rough and painful to watch. Thankfully it cured her lung cancer…until it came back with a vengeance and attacked her liver a few months later after she was deemed “Cancer Free.” At that point there was no hope or treatment and my mom lost her battle, her fight, her life to the nasty disease.

Just like in the episode…

  • cancer touches everyone in some way or another. It can strike anyone at anytime. 
  • sickness brings back memories, brings out the truth, and brings up interesting “things.”
  • death brings heart ache, tears, and brings people together. Death makes you someone you never thought you were, someone you didn’t know was inside you, someone you never hoped you would become.

I miss my mom so much it still hurts, but because she raised me to be a strong, honestly, caring and loving woman, I can use her death and love for Christ as a teaching opportunity.  To teach others about cancer, Christ, about my mom and how to move forward after experiencing such a deep loss. 

One reason why I love and continue to watch Grey’s Anatomy week after week, season after season is because it makes you think about love, life and ever after. It may be glorified, unrealistic and unbelievable at times, but isn’t that what Hollywood is for? To help us forget about our lives and live through others? Escape to another world? Be thankful and realize how good we have it, even if we don’t think so? 


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