Threenager…yeah! It’s toatally a real thing!

When I first heard the term “threenager” I laughed and brushed it off thinking they must be kidding. At the time my older two was past the age of three and my younger two were no where near the age. 

Until now! Today I have a real live threenager and a wannabe threenager. My 2 & 3 year olds are gonna be the end of me…lol 

Having a threenager is no joke. All the crazy things you hear, read, and think about them are all true!….EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!…

  1. Bossy know it all, who is always right
  2. Snarky smarty pants
  3. Sassy, independent diva
  4. Tattle tale who does NO wrong
  5. Whiny temper tantrum throwing devil
  6. Impatient persistent broken record
  7. Never ending ball of energy whom don’t like sleep anymore
  8. Two faced cuddle bug

Wish me luck, say a prayer, send reinforcements! The Terrible Twos have nothing on The Threenager. Mine are just lucky they are so darn cute!


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