Unintentional Milk Bath

Imagine this if you can…

Little sister finds big sisters milk cup (not a spill proof soppy) unattended on the kitchen table. Decides to help herself to a drink. 

Big sister sees her and throws a fit. Grabs cup off of her. Amazingly not spilling any milk. 

Big sister comes and sits on my lap, takes a drink from her cup. Little sister wants the cup back and in the middle of big sister drinking pulls it from her and away from her mouth…spilling milk down big sisters front and all over my lap.

As I am getting up off the floor to grab a towel to clean up the mess, big sister starts to cough (with a mouthful of milk). We come eye to eye and she ends up spitting milk right in my face.

I couldn’t help but laugh…it was too perfect to even plan. You honestly can’t make this stuff up!

The joys of motherhood!!!!


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