Thankful Thursday: momma has her voice back

Thankful Thursday: momma has her voice back


After a week of being hoarse, whispering and sounding like a teenage boy going through puberty, I have my voice back. Well for the most part…it’s still not 100% and strong enough to call for the kids 2 rooms away, but I can at least carry on a conversation without sounding like I’m telling a secret. It’s more than yesterday, So I’ll take it!!

About 15 years ago, I remember losing my voice to barely a whisper when I was teaching Kindergarten. It turned out to be the BEST week of my teaching career. In order to hear me, the kids had to be quiet, on their best behavior and paying attention at all times. It was amazing!! Once I “found my voices” again, the craziness took over once more.

Yeah, losing my voice as a mom wasn’t quite the same experience, actually it was total opposite.

Caring for 4 small children brings on its own challenges but when the head of the tribe can’t be heard, that’s a whole new ball game…lol  You have to be creative and resort to unconvential ways to get their attention…

  1. Clapping loudly (didn’t work that great) Only the dog came running.
  2. Stomping feet (got more laughs than anything)
  3. Banging my head fists, on the counter tops (looked at me like I was crazy)
  4. Knocking on doors frantically (worked most of the time)
  5. Texting the big kids when they had their electronic devices (they learned to quickly ignore the texts)
  6. Just gave up and didn’t do anything. This method worked the best because the kids didn’t get what they wanted…LOL


  • Today, I am thankful that the house is still in order and everyone is in one piece after a week of unplanned silence.
  • Today, I am thankful to be getting my voice back, a little stronger each day.
  • Today, I believe the kids are happy that I can talk again…if they listen carefully they can hear a response from the other room and not have to get up…LOL
  • Today, I am thankful for my life that God has blessed me with, even if it is crazy and chaotic!



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