When Mommy loses her voice

For a little over a week now I have been recovering from an asthmatic episode. The episode has caused me to cough uncontrollably so hard that I have almost passed out. Due to this cough, I am making myself hoarse. Even though I fell better each day, my voice gets sounding worse each day. To the point that I can’t talk above a whisper and if I try it’s very squeaky. I sound like a teenage boy going through puberty. 

And of course since I have no voice…

  • Important but unexpected calls to my phone happen
  • 2 year olds yearly check up with a NEW doctor
  • Puppy decides to run away
  • 3 year old suddenly develops a “hearing problem” and can’t heat me
  • Both toddlers are louder and more rambunctious than normal

Nothing happening is out of the ordinary, but when conversations and discipline can’t be made heard with a “normal” voice, what’s the point of trying? Chaos continues as usual. 


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