Manic Monday part 2

Once the afternoon hit, things seemed to go a bit more smoother (for a little while). 

My son went across the street to play with the neighbor boys and my good friend from high school stopped by with his 3 year old son for a play date. It was way too long since we got together, so it was a nice treat to have the kids all running around the house playing nicely while we chatted and looked at her Disney Cruise pictures (i was a tiny bit jealous!)

We realized we lost track of what time it was and ALMOST forgot to feed the munchkins lunch when the kids started to get a bit whiny and kept asking for snacks. And that’s when the chaos began again…

  • all 3 of my girls wanted to sit by my friends son
  • there was only 3 juice boxes left and there were 4 kids 
  • instead of dipping her nuggets into her ketchup, my daughter decided to dip her whole hand into it and lick it…REPEATEDLY
  • a non working nerf gun was the object of everyones desire
  • super hero capes kept falling off or getting tangled 
  • my little chorkie scared the crap out the boy when he ran over barking wanting to play
  • floor sized puzzles were being used as dance floors and beds
  • the kids decided to engage in a new way of playing London Bridge is Falling down…don’t ask 


4:00 came and all the kids were tuckered out. Toys were cleaned up and happy to say that even with all the craziness, no blood was shed, no bones were broken and very few tears fell! We survived Monday…Bring on Tuesday!


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