Thankful Thursday: Mr. Golden Sunshine

“Sunshine is sweet; it is good to see the light of day.”

Ecclesiastes 11:7

Today is…

  • March 16
  • still winter
  • cold outside
  • snowy, but not so windy
  • a few days away from the first day of Spring



Today also has the sun shining high and bright in the sky, something I feel like I haven’t seen in a long time. However, I do have to say, that Mr. Golden Sunshine is quite deceiving! You look out the window and see how sweet, bright and inviting he is and you can’t help but to smile and feel uplifted and want to go outside and feel its warmth on your face and then WAM! That brisk, cold winter air hits you smack in the face and practically cuts your breath off. You lose your footing and try to step back inside quickly but no matter how hard you try, it feels like you are having an outer body experience and see yourself moving in SUPER SLOW MOTION…lol


The past few days I have felt like a zombie. My cabin fever had gotten the best of me and I became a bum, a couch potato, a lazy nothing. The kids and I cuddled on the couch, eating snacks, watching movies and napping on and off pretty much all day. I handed over all house hold chores, errands and meal planning to my husband. Not my proudest parenting moment, but I have to be honest and tell you that it felt GREAT to not have any scheduled plans, anywhere to go, anything pressing to get done and just enjoy some quality time with my girls.

It is much easier to get out of bed and get motivated when Mr. Sun is shining bright and doing his job.  I am thankful that he decided to show up and shine today. I feel like a better person, a more energized momma and different woman today thanks to the sun…that a maybe my new hair cut and color has something to do with it also…LOL


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