Wine Wednesday 

Is 8:30 on a Wednesday morning too early for a glass of wine?

I feel like I have put in a full day of wining, fighting, button pushing and total chaos already. 

Here’s the rundown of my day thus far…

  1. School kids up before the sun
  2. 8 year old Son upset over not being allowed to wear summer-like shirt to school when it’s snowing and feels like -1* outside 
  3. 5 year old daughter gagged on her medicine and threw it up all over her new outfit for school 
  4. Said 5 yo was playing with dog under kitchen table instead of getting socks and shoes on and bumped her head a good (might take a few days for the bump to go down)
  5. 3 year old decided 8:00 was a good time to “practice playing her piano”
  6. Almost 2 year old used the windows on my back door to clean the Nutella off her hands
  7. The amount of tissues one person uses to wipe a snotty nose is unbelievable 
  8. The one day I decided to eat breakfast with the kids since I have been up since dawn and the waffles tasted like freezer burn…and the kids love them! Maybe that’s why they ask for an inch think layer of Nutella on them
  9. I feel like a broken record when I have the same thing g 1000x before noon: “cover you mouth,” “chew with you mouth closed,” “don’t use your shirt sleeve as a napkin,” “did you brush your teeth?,” “socks, shoes, jackets, lets go!”
  10. The fight over baby dolls and play phones is REAL

Here is to hoping the second cup of coffee does the trick!


2 thoughts on “ Wine Wednesday 

  1. My daughter decided to color “The Ocean” in blue marker all over my beautiful cream living room rug on Wednesday. The first words out of my mouth to my husband when I saw it was “GET ME THE OXY CLEAN AND A GLASS OF WINE!!”


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