Toddler Tuesday: Is It Naptime yet?

There are days when no nap makes a better day all around. Well, today is NOT one of those days.

My two beautiful toddler girls have pushed just about every button I have and it was in a matter of a few hours.

This momma feels a little drained today and not only am I lacking energy, I am lacking patience and humor as well. I have not slept well the last few days for a number of reasons:

  • The kids seem to be taking turns coughing up a lung in the middle of the night 
  • I, myself, have a nagging cough 
  • Sciatica nerve is flaring up and relief is impossible to find
  • Had to share my bed with one or more kids
  • Wind, rain, snow, etc outside is annoying
  • Neighbors letting their dogs bark FOREVER in the middle of the night makes it difficult to relax
  • Someone in the area drives a really loud vehicle and likes to take joy rides when normal people sleep
  • Hubby was out of town

My, now sleeping beauties, were holy terrors just a few hours ago. Man can the two of them tear up a room! Toys everywhere! On the floor, in the hall, in my room, in the bathroom… 

They also decided that playing was hard work and needed a drink. So they quietly ventured into big sisters bathroom and helped themselves to a drink of water from her sink. Not only did they use about a dozen Dixie cups each, their shirts got soaked and the bathroom was just about flooded. How they managed to do so in the time I took a potty break blows my mind. The only positive outcome of the bathroom disaster is that it got a quick cleaning! The rugs, towels and their clothes may need washed now, but oh well!

I do believe my mom voice became loud enough that not only did the girls listen, calm down and clean up, AND so did the obnoxious, barking dog down the street…lol

Now that they are napping peacefully and look so angelic, I don’t know what to do with myself. Perhaps I will go bake something warm, gooey and chocolaty. That always help boost the mood and energy!😜


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