Hair Cuts & Musicals

This has been quite the interesting weekend. A weekend full of eating out, birthday parties, school plays, and haircuts!

Friday night was date night! Hubby and I went out to dinner to a nice restaurant that did not have a kids menu!!! These kind of dates are far and few between. We left the kids at home with my niece who is AWESOME at taking control of our chaotic bunch. And a plus they actually listen to her. After a delicious meal, a couple glasses of wine, some shopping and a few hours later, we were on our way back home. When we arrived home we kind of expected the kids to still be awake…you know how they try and convince the sitter to do things they shouldn’t…lol But to our surprise they were all in bed, well almost all of them.

I walk into my 5 year old daughters room to see her frantically cleaning up her desk. In a nervous voice she says she forgot to do so before bed. I pulled her close to me to hug and kiss her and tell her it can wait until the morning when I tried to brush her messy hair out of her eyes but much to my surprise the hair fell off her head. I FROZE. There was a few pieces of hair missing by her forehead. Actually there was a whole lotta hair missing from her WHOLE head. Yep! She thought it was a good idea to cut her hair. 

When she was to be in bed sleeping she was playing hair salon instead! She did quite the job too…bangs are super short(just in the middle), one side looks shaved(not real sure how she managed that with safety scissors), the length is much shorter (7 inches shorter to be exact), not to mention very crooked, choppy and she even gave herself a 1980’s tale! Again, I am amazed how she accomplished this with safety scissors!

Needless to say, an emergency hair appointment was made for first thing in the AM. Below is a picture of the final product:

To be totally honest, once the shock wore off it was kinda funny…not real sure why, but it was. Her reasoning was that she wanted bangs! )BANGS?!?! I thought, then why did you cut all of your hair?!?) She is lucky she is cute enough (yes I am biased) to pull off any hairstyle and cut she gets. That, however, doesn’t excuse the fact that she knew better! 
Punishment: until further notice, scissors are band from her hands unless it’s for school work AND her iPad was taken away for a while. 

Saturday night we ventured out in the bitter cold and saw a musical. A local high school was putting on “The Little Mermaid” and since it’s my girls favorite I decided we would go. It was a packed house, but a teacher friend got us early bird tickets and our seats were pretty good! The first act lasted a little over an hour and the kids all had their eyes glued to the stage, singing along and laughing out loud. 

Intermission came along and we got a snack and took a bathroom break. Making our way back to our seats talking about how much fun we are having and praising them for how well behaved they were being. Just sat back down and about 3 minutes until Act II was to start and my 3 year old looked at my horrified, tears running down her cheeks and whispered to me…” mommy I am peeing!” Peeing in her big girl pants that is. And yes, right after we went to the bathroom where she sat on the pot for 4 minutes or so doing NOTHING.

You see, she is newly (1week) potty trained. She has had some GI issues that have made it a difficult journey, but she is all better now and practically woke up one morning and trained herself. Anyways, in the week that she’s been trained she has had only 1 accident, and that was at home. So I was surprised she just owes her pants. I also completely failed as a mom that night when I didn’t take an extra change of clothes for her. But given her excellent record, I didn’t think it was necessary. A mom of 4, I should have known better! (I believe I just heard my name being announced as the winner of the Mother of the Year Award!)

So with no change of clothes, what else was I to do but to pack up the clan and head home?!?! They all obeyed without protest, but not without tears. Even my 9 year old son who didn’t want to go in the first place was upset to be leaving. Heck! I was upset to be leaving. Even though we know how it ends, we all wanted to see the ending. And let me tell you what a bunch of talented kids they were! AMAZING!  Cries and sobs were coming from the back seat most of the way home until they all decided to fall asleep.

In a few weeks we will be attending another musical “Peter Pan” and you better believe I will be better prepared!

Early Sunday afternoon we attended a neighbor boys birthday party at a nearby indoor play space. We have been there before so we knew the place well so even the littlest two could run and play and have a good time without worries. We, however, have never been there on a party day. WOW! Was it a mad house! Kids and grown ups of all ages EVERYWHERE! I couldn’t even turn around without bumping into someone. Thankfully, no one got hurt, lost or forgotten in the crowd.

Anyways, in the party room having cake with my little girls while all the big kids are playing laser tag when I see something very strange happen. Each party room has a big picture window and the party food was on a table right outside the room(due to space) under this window. Along comes a spider…lol Actually, along comes two teenagers NOT in our party and they each grab a plate and fill it with food. Did the think it was an open buffet table or something?!?!

I am the only one around, I am in complete awe and I am at a loss for words. I know I should have said something, but wasn’t really sure what or how. Was it really my place? I did tell the party mom. She was just as shocked as I was and didn’t know what she would have said either. At the end she just laughed and said there is so much food left over maybe she will put it back out and let them come back for more….

This weekend was also Daylight Savings which I absolutely dread as a parent. I do believe whoever came up with this brainy idea did not have kids!…LOL Spring aheadand losing one hour of sleep is not nearly as bad as Fall Back and gaining an hour of sleep (never thought I would be saying it doesn’t feel bad to not get sleep). My kids were still up early as usual, but when the clock stared back reading 7:30AM, it didn’t feel as torturing as 6:30AM. 

It is now Sunday night, and all the kids are sound asleep in their own beds. They played hard this weekend and hopefully missing that hour of sleep last night has caught up to them and they will let me sleep all night long with NO interruptions!?!? 

Wishful thinking I know, but a mom can dream right!


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