Thankful Thursday: Power

Today I am extremely thankful for power and electricity.

Yesterday (WEDNESDAY) we spent a good part of the day without power. Thankfully the sun was shinning bright and it wasn’t too cold outside. It was, however, super windy…true definition of Windy Wednesday!

Within seconds of walking in the door from picking up the big kids at the bus stop, the power flickers a few times and then BOOM! its out. No biggie! Expected something like this with how windy it has been. So we gathered the kids up and completed their homework and chores earlier than normal, needless to say they were not happy. Not just about the chores and homework, but because their iPads were not working without the

An updated report about the incident was placed online and said the outage was due to a tree falling on a line. Services would be expected to be restored by 4:00….4:00 PM THURSDAY!!! 24 hours later…WTF!!!!

With the power out we were unable to…

  • prepare dinner on the stove/oven, so we went out to eat. The funny part is, hubby and I disagreed on what to make most of the morning. We finally came to an agreement on pork chops, broccoli and rice. And then the power goes out and we can’t even cook.
  • use the garage door opener. We had to unlock and open the garage manually which is no small chore. A double car garage door is pretty heavy!
  • give the children baths when we returned from dinner. Quick showers in the morning would have to suffice
  • watch tv
  • have any night lights on, so a small tea light candle was placed in each of the kids room and flashlights were given
  • run our essential oil diffusers. This was a bit traumatic for my 5 year old. Apparently she ‘feels sick’ without hers running…LOL 
  • walk around the house without banging an elbow, stubbing a toe or even leave the dog’s side without a total freak out

Once all 4 kids were tucked and snuggled into bed, the dog in his cage (in our room), the chaos of the dark night began to die down. It was at that very moment when the lights decided to turn back on. Not only was the power restored, so was the chaos!!!

It was a little easier to calm down the troops this time knowing that things were getting back to ‘normal’ for them. Its amazing what all we take for granted when everything works accordingly. (I don’t know how many times I walked down the hall to the bathroom and tried to turn the light on…LOL)

It is now Thursday afternoon and we STILL have power!!! The kids got up without a problem, baths were given, breakfast was served and we continued to get on with our day as we usually do. Today’s weather forecast is sunny, not as windy, a little chilly…perfect to pull out a few dead bushes and to go on a hunt for the shingles that we lost yesterday in the crazy wind storm.



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