Princesses and Play Dates

This afternoon, when the big kids got home from school, my son ran next-door to play with the ‘boys’ and the neighbor girls came over for a play date. According to my daughter it was a very long awaited play date since they haven’t played together ALL YEAR!!!! …LOL

My 3 girls and the 2 little girls next door play very nicely together (for being girls).  Actually all I hear coming from the other room is a few excited squeals and whole lot of giggles. However, in true “girly” fashion, they sure have changed their mind and plans on what to play, where to play and how to play…

  • listening to music and dancing in the bedroom
  • playing mommy with their babydoll 
  • playing Doc McStuffins in the playroom
  • having a tea party upstairs
  • having a tea party downstairs
  • Star Wars in Princess dresses
  • house
  • back up stairs to play tag/hide-n-go-seek or whatever they called it
  • calling their friends on the play phones
  • baking cookies and such in the play kitchen
  • the two older girls have their own ‘club’ going
  • i am sure I have missed a thing or two

Having 5 little girls inside, under one roof, all in the same room sure does bring its share of noise and chaos. Noise and chaos that I am very THANKFUL for. I am also thankful that my kids have awesome friends in the area to play with on rainy afternoons like today, even if I pop the cork on a bottle of wine before bedtime…just kidding, I meant dinnertime…LOL



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