Can I get a Saturday Morning Do Over Please?!?!

It’s Saturday Morning and…

At 6:30…

  • The dog starts whining uncontrollably 
  • All children decided it was good time to wake up and start their day
  • Both toddlers thought it would be a good time to potty train
  • My Kindergartener because super emotional over the silliest things
  • My 3rd grader did nothing but make his younger sisters mad at him which led to lots of tears, screaming and door slamming

At 7:00…

  • Was made aware that there was nothing to eat for breakfast except toast
  • I was elbow deep in toilet water unclogging the potty of the whole roll of paper my toddlers decided they needed to use

At 7:30…

  • Reheated my cup of coffee for the 3rd time
  • Realized that my son’s basketball shirt was in the dirty laundry and he had a game in 2 hours-thankful for the speed wash setting
  • Calming my 5 year old because her 2 year old sister locked her out of her bedroom 

At 8:00…

  • As I am stepped foot into the shower I was told that my youngest started the dishwasher (without soap of course)
  • As I was rinsing the shampoo out of my hair I hear loud painful screams getting louder and closer, look out to see my baby with a play shopping cart stuck on her head

At 9:00…

  • Getting ready to head out the door to find the dog decided to run into the woods
  • My oldest daughter refused to wear a sweatshirt over her tank top because it didn’t match
  • My two toddlers are fighting over the same pair of shoes
  • I realized my coffee is STILL in the microwave

It’s just like any other day, just a bit more chaotic. Thankfully the sun is shining and nothing else is on the agenda…except for maybe a nap…😉


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