I’m No Expert

I will be the first to tell you that I am no expert when it comes to make-up, hair or clothes.

I won’t lie, I like to look and feel pretty, (as best as I can) as much as the momma next door. But with 4 kids and a husband who is on the road for work more then he is home, some days it’s quite difficult to even get a shower before noon. However…

••• Yes! I am the person who will not leave the house before I shower-no excuses!

•••Yes! there are days that I shower and go from one pajama set to another.

•••Yes! there are days that I end up wearing the same yoga pants I did the day before.

•••Yes! there are days a hat is my main accessory because I didn’t have time to blow dry my hair after I showered.

The days I do get showered, dressed in new (and clean) clothes, and actually have time to dry and do my hair I have come to rely on a few products that make me feel like more than mom…a person…a woman of worth!

  • Perfectly Posh Caffeinator Skin Stick- this stick of awesomeness wakes up those tired puffy eyes to make me look not so sleepy. I can get you hooked up, just ask me how.
  • Mascara-I always thought that to look like someone who was not from the walking dead, you needed to prep yourself with all the high end trendy make up items. I cannot tell you how much money I spent on all the brand name products and still got streaks, blotches and clumps. Until I stumbled upon E.L.F. make up line. In a rush and only had a few dollars on me (forgot my wallet) I grabbed the first reasonable priced tube of mascara. I LOVE this gen. It has a rubber brush (no clumping) and goes on so smoothly. It lengthens my lashes to and fools people to think I am wide eyed and alert!
  • Burts Bees Lip Balm- Vanilla and Peppermint. I can’t put into words the feeling I get when I apply this beeswax. It’s smooth, soft, light and smells good enough to snack on. If your lips are anything like mine, they always seem to be either dry and chapped (winter) or dry and sun burned (summer). I like to keep a stick of this lip therapy everywhere…diaper bag, car, kitchen drawer, night stand, make up bag, etc. so I can grab it whenever I need it! It’s amazing how a little lip shine can make a girl feel😉
  • Bobby Pins-Vera Bradley Hair Pins are something I have a gazillion of but can never seem to find one when I need one…lol Actually that’s not true. I know exactly where they all are…at the bottom of my bag! I grab one every morning to have on hand to try to keep my unruly curls tamed. Sometimes it works and sometimes it is no use!

Like I said before, I am no expert when it comes to clothes, hair and make up. But I do know what I like and what works best for me…I found what make me feel pretty. I never leave the house without these wonderful finds before applying or grabbing to apply later. If I did, I believe I would feel ‘naked’ and ‘not myself.’


One thought on “I’m No Expert

  1. Good to know that the E.L.F. mascara works so well. I’ve only taken quite recently (like last year) to using a bit of makeup to feel like something else than just a mom. I’ve tried a few mascara tubes, but still struggle with clumping. Burt’s Bees has a wonderful line of products. I’m not surprised that you enjoy the lip balm so much. And seriously, pajamas and yoga pants are the most comfortable things in the world. I’d go working in them if I could!

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