A Girl and Her Shadow

Tonight during our “down” before tucking the kids into bed, we had some music playing. 

My littlest one, whom will be 2 in March, was dancing, having a good old time and minding her own business when all of a sudden she stopped and had a very complex look on her face. She didn’t say anything and didn’t do anything at first, she just stood there looking at the ground. 

I didn’t say anything to her, I just sat back and watched her to see what had her concentrating so deeply. She continued to dance but this time with a bit more enthusiasm and larger moves. Her eyes kept going back and forth from her hands to the floor. And that’s when I realized she had discovered her shadow. 

She wasn’t too sure if she actually liked this shadow thing and tried her hardest to see what “it” could do…

>>>she walked fast

>>>she walked slow

>>>she walked forward and backwards

>>>she jumped and turned in circles

And my favorite…

>>>she got down on her hands and knees and tried to crawl and catch it
It was honestly the cutest thing I have seen her do, and she does some entertaining things! 

I always love watching my kids discover new things on their own and seeing the smiles on their face and the joy in their hearts!❤

Motherhood is a tough job at times, but the rewards, like tonight’s, are all WORTH it!


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