The Joys and Sass of a Three Year Old

My third child, middle daughter, recently turned 3. She’s a pretty well behaved, well mannered child. Actually one of the better ones we created 😬. She has the prettiest eyes, sweetest smile and most infectious laugh I have ever heard. 

When it came to starting to walk and talk she was a bit later than her older 2 siblings, but when it comes to being sassy, she brings it on like the best! 

I believe turning 3 gave her a new found confidence to be bit more funnier, crazier and bossier whenever she feels like it. Lately she has proven this within our conversations…

Talking princesses with all three girls and asked who their favorite was…

Mommy: “Who is your favorite princess? Mine is Belle and I can’t wait to see the new movie.”

R: “Ariel and Elsa of course!”

E: “Anna”

C: “Peter Quill”

Mommy: “But he isn’t a princess!”

C: “I know! I don’t like princesses. I like Peter Quill, his music and his dancing!”


Later was watching the puppy eye up the box of kids toys in the living room…

Mommy: “Don’t even think about going after those toys dog. You have your own!”

C: “He is definitely thinking about it!”


Other random comments and acts from her have been…

  • You’re fired!
  • Don’t talk!
  • Like my new hat? (Play shopping cart on her head)
  • I smell something and it isn’t very good.
  • What’s your number? (Age)
  • Hi! I’m Mr. Cow and I like rainbows 
  • Shutting the pantry door on me
  • Come and get me!
  • She is constantly singing DOC MCSTUFFINS

I am sure the list can go on and on…she is  way too much to handle at times…LOL…but you gotta LOVE her, I know I do!


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