Thankful Thursday: Bedtime Stories & Carpet Scrubbers

Every night (well almost every night) our bedtime routine consists of pj’s, snack, essential oils, devotions, prayer and a few bedtime stories.

I try to read a story to the whole clan that goes along with the nightly devotion, but that doesn’t always happen the way I wish it would.

I also read a story to my little girls before I kiss them good night and shut the light off. While I am tucking the youngest two in bed, my older two are in their own beds reading a story themselves. Usually a sports related book and princess stories for them.

As I make my rounds to tuck each of them in with kisses and lots of love, I usually get…

  • Five more minutes?
  • One more chapter?
  • I’m almost done!
  • I just got to my favorite part!
  • But it’s such a good book!
  • One more story mommy!

I absolutely love how much they have curious minds and a love for reading. 

I also love my carpet scrubber! After all the stories were read, kids tucked in and asleep just when I thought I would be able to have a quiet moment to myself I hear

“Mommy!?!?  MOMMY!?!?”…

GAG…SPLAT…splat…gag…followedby some soft sobbing and a few I’m sorries.

I turn the corner to see the biggest puddle of puke (he had pasta for dinner😬) I have ever seen. And being a mom of 4 and former teacher, I have seen my fair share…LOL
Once I got my boy all bathed, changed and back to bed I headed for my favorite investment of all times…my carpet scrubber!! Let me tell you, this is the bomb and gets out just about any stain you can think of, old or new. Tonight, I am thankful for this vane purchase!

Tomorrow night’s bed time story will be a crazy one…lol

Sleep tight & sweet dreams friends.


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