I need a push 

It’s raining like cats and dogs outside this morning which makes me feel more tired than I already am.

I really need to clean my house…I have baskets full of clean clothes in just about every room, the vacuum should be run and the bathrooms need to be cleaned. Instead I would rather cuddle under my blanket with my little girls and watch Disney Movies all day.

A cup of hot and creamy  yumminess (coffee) may help to get me motivated but I haven’t even made my way down to the kitchen yet. 😬😮😔

Yeah I am one of those moms and it’s one of those days!


5 thoughts on “I need a push 

  1. Ugh, some days are like that, huh? I feel ya! Today we got a ton of snow and my husband is out of town, so guess who had to shovel??? Me!! I put it off forever … I needed a push, too! Sometimes having it on a list helps, just so I have the satisfaction of crossing it off, of course…


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