Tantrums and Hair Bows

Raising 3 girls is going to be the end of me. If their attitudes are any indication of their teenage years, I am DOOMED!!! I may as well start looking for reform schools.

A day full of “stuff” lay ahead of us and it seemed like the littlest things caused the biggest breakdowns this morning. 

I believe I actually turned into my mother at one point when I uttered the words “If you don’t stop I will give you something to cry about!” and “Let me brush your hair or I am cutting it all off!” 

The chaos all started before the crack of dawn and really didn’t stop until late afternoon when the babysitter arrived. At least I think it stopped, but didn’t really care because my butt was out the door on my way to a date with my handsome hubby!

These were some of the “my life is ruined” kind of situations today…

  • Mommy wouldn’t let me crawl into her already crowded bed before the sun was awake and took me back to my own king sized comfy dream land where mommy can lay with JUST me.
  • Homemade pancakes were not yummy, therefore I refuse to eat and starve myself until lunch
  • Taking a shower is for boys so I will just stand there crying, letting the shampoo get into my eyes and burn like hell!
  • The amount of tears and loud screams that came from the 5 year old as I wash brushing her freshly washed hair could have been heard in Australia. You would have thought I was pulling her toenails out.
  • Oh and if looks could kill I would be six feet under after “making” her point tights on with her dress. I mean there is snow on the ground…perfect for sandals and sun dresses right?!?!
  • The almost two year old ripped her pony tail out about a dozen times and then would cry out in pain for me to take the rubber band off her foot and put it back in her hair…AGAIN!
  • The 3 year old threw one heck of tantrum, stomping her feet as she walked down the hall and cried “I don’t want to put my boots on!” all because I am a horrible mom and won’t let her wear shoes that way too small (not to mention not dressy enough or actually match her outfit).

Once we were finally out the door, 10 minutes late, and had arrived at my nieces wedding shower, the tears were all wiped away just to begin falling again in a matter of minutes. Seats were found, hugs were given and lunch was being served… and the waterworks started again and here is why…

  • There was too much chicken in the chicken soup.
  • Water was wanted as a drink NOT lemonade.
  • The sprinkles on her doughnut were not pretty.
  • Cupcakes were not being served until AFTER the gifts are opened.
  • Nap time was approaching.
  • Great Aunt said “HI!”
  • Pappy took the last Hershey kiss
  • The presents were not for her.

Finally back home, girls have full stomachs, naps were (kind of) had and dinner prepared. Daddy and son have  returned home from the basketball game with a victory! Everyone is cleaned up, watching a movie and enjoying a snack. Babysitter arrives and mommy and daddy are out the door. 

Tears dried up?…for now!
Chaos over?….never!!

Good times had?…always!!!


One thought on “Tantrums and Hair Bows

  1. Haha, don’t you love those moments when you’re so overwhelmed by the tantrums that you make an empty threat (on of my most recent was: if you’re not dressed by the time I’m ready to leave, I’m bringing you to daycare naked). Oh well, just like the rainy days help us appreciate the sunny days, the chaotic days help us appreciate the calmer days.

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