Thankful Thursday: The Whole Day

I am thankful for just about everything today. Not just one specific detail, but the whole day. From the moment my eyes opened until this very moment. 

A lot happened in these past 24 hours that I am thankful to have seen, done, witness and even avoid.

  1. I am thankful for the beautiful snow fall this morning. However, the beautiful white stuff did cause some trouble and I am thankful for getting from point A to point B safely.  At the very moment I got into the car to head to the eye doctor, blizzard-like conditions hit the area and I drove through a white out. It took me 10 minutes to go 2 miles. Thankfully I avoided getting side swiped by a sliding tractor trailer and then avoided getting rear ended by a PENNDOT truck as I slammed on the brakes to avoid an SUV cutting me off. 
  2. I am thankful for the lazy afternoon I had with my hubby and youngest two girls. Hubby didn’t get in from work until after midnight last night, the 3 year old kept waking up crying and I just couldn’t get comfortable. Therefore not much restful sleep was had on my end. It was nice to cuddle under a blanket, have a fire going, catch up on some reading with my girls and main squeeze. It was a much needed time to rest and rejuvenate.
  3. I am thankful for my two older children and their desire to learn. I love watching them learn new things. They may not always like or be willing to tough it out with new and unfamiliar things, but I am always proud of them for trying. This evening they had their second piano lesson. Last lesson they weren’t so thrilled that I was “making” them go. But tonight, they were ready and eager to go, learn and practice. The smiles and joy on their faces was awesome, and just what I needed after the morning I had.
  4. I am thankful for friendships. Thankful that all 4 of my kids have a close relationship and can play nicely (most of the time) together. It’s such a sweet moment when I hear the giggles coming from the other room where they are. I listen carefully to see who did or said what. Usually all I hear is more laughter and footsteps running to tell me the silly thing that just happened. Tonight was one of those nights and it warmed my heart so! I absolutely LOVE those moments!  I am also thankful for the friendships my husband has and the opportunities he has to go hang out with them. Yeah a part of me is jealous and a little angry that he left me, but I know he needs those outings just as much as I do. However, it’s unfortunate that we don’t get them as often as we would like and hope for.
  5. I  thankful for bedtime. Tonight especially. It was actually one of the smoothest nights I have had in a LONG time. Everyone listened and cooperated when it was time to clean up, brush teeth, say prayers, read and lights out. No excuses and no tears…that’s a first!!! And to make it an even sweeter night, they were all in bed earlier and asleep faster than normal which gave me time to enjoy my show and not have to share my snack!…LOL

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