Breakfast Of Champions

Friday mornings are typically the hardest one of the week. Everyone is tired, cranky and moving super slow in the early hours. So for breakfast we usually do something quick, easy and not very messy, like toast or cereal. 

But today was the exception. This momma was up before the sun thanks to a whiny puppy who needed to go outside. I didn’t sleep well to begin with so his annoyance just added to my usual crankiness.

My son is the one who is up, showered and dressed first in the house and deciding the breakfast menu. Since I was the first today, I decided to surprise them and make them blueberry muffins. I can’t take credit for them being homemade, but Aldi box mix ranks up pretty high!

When it comes to my kids, meal time can be a hit or miss. They are great eaters when they request it or it’s one of their favorites. They are good eaters when it falls into the LIKE category. But when it is new or something they dislike they would rather starve then take a bite to make me happy. 

Blueberry muffins rank pretty high on their list, so a dozen of muffins didn’t go far at all. Actually, between the four of them they are all gone, well they were all given out and tasted…lol Here is the breakdown of who ate what…

  • My son (8yo) ate 4 whole muffins.
  • My oldest daughter (5yo) ate 1 whole muffin, the inside of one and just the top of a third.
  • My 3 year old ate almost one whole muffin.
  • And my youngest (1.5yo) ate most of one, the bottom of her older sisters and took bites and blueberries out of another.

Sometimes the clean up is a bit more of a chore with treats like these, but it’s all worth with knowing they are happy and their tummies are full. 

P.S. I was able to save one for myself to enjoy later with my coffee, after I find where I left it and heat it up for the upteenth time…LOL



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