A Piece of My Mind…

I have come to the realization that as I get older, I get more tired. Some times a good tired, and some times a not so good tired. Let me explain…

I am tired of being an adult.

Raising 4 kids is exhausting. I am physically tired from running around for and after them. I am emotionally tired from the worry and anxiety that accompanies this parenting job…are they healthy? did they eat enough? are they being kind in school? what do I say if he loses the basketball game? how do I tell her that friends can be mean sometimes?   I am mentally tired trying to figure out how we will manage to buy gymnastic leotards and baseball cleats and pay the preschool tuition and bills before the next paycheck comes in. But at the days end, its all a good tired and I wouldn’t change my blessed life for ANYTHING!!

I am tired of immaturity, disrespect and the lack of accountability.

Common curtesy seems to be nonexistent anymore. There is no respect for anyone or anything anymore. What happened to taking turns and replying to invitations? When did it become the norm to throw a tantrum (aka riot, march, etc.) when we disagree with someone and their opinion? What makes it ok for someone else to make you lemonade when your life throws you lemons?  Whats wrong with taking responsibility for your OWN actions, your OWN words, your OWN self-being? Call me an unfit parent, but when my kids throw a fit for not getting what they want or are being disrespectful or break a rule/law…they will pay the consequences…I am not sorry for teaching them respect and accountability. I still have hope.


I am tired of double standards.

Yes I am guilty of double standards, but I don’t mean the little petty ones. I mean the BIG ones that make a difference, such as life or death…literally. I am talking about abortion. What a woman chooses to do with her body is her choice, and God forbid she becomes pregnant with an unwanted pregnancy, but at that point, her body no longer is hers alone. She is a home to a precious little human being…yes a HUMAN, with a heart, brain, 10 fingers and 10 toes, everything you and I both have. So if it is illegal to kill a fellow human being, why would it be OK to kill a baby? 

I am tired of politics.

I am not a political person, but I am so over the craziness that comes with politics. I am a citizen of the USA and I voted, whom I voted for doesn’t matter now and really its none of your business. I am so over those who claim that Trump is not their President and hope he fails. If you are a citizen in the country, he is your President whether you voted for him or not and whether  you like it or not. And since he is the Commander in Chief for the next 4 years, why would you wish his failure. His failure means our great nation will be in more trouble than it already is. 

I am tired of feminism.

I am a woman and I don’t agree with the feminism movement. Man and Woman were not created EQUAL. Its a biological fact, just look at any naked person. A woman can do many things that man can not do, such as give birth. I am positive that my husband wouldn’t want that opportunity. Women are wired totally differently than men…physically, emotionally, mentally, intellectually, etc. Woman are so much stronger than man are in certain areas of life, so why not let the men be the head, leader, stronger individual in the other areas that we lack? Isn’t that what makes us a WOMAN? Isn’t that what makes us an INDIVIDUAL?

I am tired of the lack of humor.

Everyone is so serious anymore! It feels like there is always an elephant in the room. It seems like we have to tread lightly around others as not to offend them with something we said or did. You have your opinion and I have mine, hence this outrageous blog post, thats what makes us different. We can agree or disagree, but that doesn’t change how I feel about you. And I certainly wouldn’t make fun of you for not believing the sky is blue.


Take away what you want from this…a good read, seriousness, humor, stupidity, lack of intellect, disrespect, fun…whatever! I enjoyed venting and I thank you for stopping by.




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