The Element of SURPRISE!

I have to be honest…I absolutely HATE being on the receiving end of surprises! Now if it’s truly a genuine, I know nothing about it and it’s a COMPLETE and UTTER surprise, then it’s not so bad. I don’t have time to stew over it and become batshit crazy. But if it’s the kind of surprise where you say “I have something for you but I can’t tell you what it is because it’s a surprise”…then prepare yourself because I usually have to talk myself out of punching you in the face.πŸ˜¬πŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ˜²


On the hand, I love buying, making, planning, and giving surprises (I know it’s a big fat double standard, but get over it!) Whether it is making a thank you card for some one special, or dropping by with an unexpected meal, it makes my heart smile. I wholeheartedly love my family and friends and do whatever I can do to make them feel loved and appreciated.

Over the weekend, we threw my dad a ‘surprise’ retirement party. πŸŽ‰He was firm in not wanting any kind of celebration and making a big deal over it, but when you retire from working hard your whole life and ending a 30+ year career with the same company, I believe it’s something to celebrate! 

Having 10 grandkids, one of them is bound to have an activity to go to and that was the excuse to get him out of the house. The menu was sweet & simple. The guest list was a no brainer (and extensive), but the surprise part was the hard part with 4 littles that love to talk and are notorious for spilling the beans. So we (my brother and I) decided not to tell any of our kids under the age of 10! It turns out that they were just as surprised as my dad…LOL

Actually, my dad was so surprised, he was a bit taken back and speechless (Thankfully there were no heart attacks or strokes.) When he walked through the front door to his closest friends, family and coworkers starring right back at him yelling “SURPRISE !” he froze and asked “surprise for what?” He said he actually forgot about retiring and thought it was an early birthday (his bday in January 31) party…HAHAHA. 

My dad had no clue, was genuinely surprised and enjoyed his party wholeheartedly, even though he was against the whole party idea in the first place…that’s why we made it a surprise. Seeing the joy and love on his face, we knew we made the right decision to celebrate him and his career. Now he is onto the next chapter of his life which hopefully will be full of many, many more surprises!


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