Sweet Dreams…Yeah right!

When the alarm goes off in the early morning hours, I can’t seem to drag myself out of bed.

Three o’clock in the afternoon rolls around and I have trouble keeping my eyes open.

Relaxing with the family and watching tv in the evenings when I am all cozy and comfy on the couch I doze off and on without a problem.

Some nights I fall asleep with my little ones while laying with them at bedtime.

I stumble to my room and crawl into my own bed, my head hits the pillow and BAM! My eyes are wide open, I have trouble getting comfortable, I’m hot, I’m cold, restless leg syndrome kicks in and can’t fall asleep.  Hours later after tossing and turning, answering children’s cries and poking my husband to stop his snoring and start to fall asleep, just to have the whole cycle start all over again. 

My own sleep troubles are enough to cause trouble in LA LA Land! Like that isn’t enough do you add multiple wake ups from the littles, whining from the dog and the obnoxious snoring coming from my hubby laying next me. It’s no wonder I have insomnia and am sleep deprived. Not to mention it’s a wonder how i am not crazy yet!?!?…LOL

To all you sleep deprived mommy’s (and daddy’s) out there…I know your pain, frustration and deepest desire. Hang in there, our sweet dreams will come someday, or shall I say some night. Let’s hope it’s sooner than later! 


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