Super Power of Sleep

My two littlest munchkins have the super power to

  1. Fall asleep anywhere but their own bed
  2. Fall asleep at anytime but bed time
  3. Fall asleep without a fight for anyone but me

My 2 year old hasn’t napped in almost a year, but today she decided to take a nap. Usually not a big deal, but today it kind have messed up the days plans. This morning, while I was getting dressed, my little girls were watching tv in my room on my bed and she fell asleep  5 minutes before we had to leave the house to be somewhere. 

My littlest love tried waiting for me patiently at the front door while I went to the bus stop to pick up her big brother and sister. Howerver, her plan failed. When we got back home, we were unable to come in through the front door. Something seemed to be blocking it. Finally get in from around back to find her fast asleep on the floor IN FRONT of the door.

The icing on the cake was coming back home after an evening wedding shopping with my niece to find all 4 kids fast asleep. It may have been only a few minutes beforehand that they fell asleep, but it was without a fight. Maybe I should go out more often and leave the bedtime chaos to someone else?!?!…sounds like a plan to me!


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