Hurry Up And…Disrespect 

All week, everywhere  I have gone, it seemed like EVERYONE is in a hurry…a BIG hurry. It’s like they were rushing to get nowhere fast.

I mean, where does it get you when you are stopped at a red light and an impatient being drives up the shoulder past everyone to speed through the light when it turns green just to get stopped FIRST at the next light?!?! Serves him/her right…LOL

And then there’s the horn happy driver. Like laying on your horn to get the people ahead of you moving actually works. There was this guy driving behind me and actually started beeping his horn at me BEFORE the light turned green. There were 2-3 cars in front of me so it’s not like I could actually step on the gas a miraculously move out of his way. My biggest pet peeve when driving is tailgating me. You drive on my rear end to make me move faster, the jokes on you buddy…I will drive slower just to kiss you off more…LOL

What I love (insert sarcasm) the most part of everyone being in a rush is when you have an appointment scheduled. Out of obedience you arrive 10-15 minutes early like requested to fill out paper work and get registered then you sit and wait, sit and wait, sit and wait for them to call your name. 

Lastly, there’s the money situation. Hurry up and pay the bill, loan, whatever it is that you owe me TODAY or *something unpleasant * is going to happen. But then the rare occasion we over pay, return and are due a refund it takes days, weeks or even months to get the money WE are due. 🤔

I guess it’s safe to say that my ‘hot buttons’ being pushed are about disrespecting others time and self being, not just being in a rush.


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