Cute, Crazy and Almost Three

I had quite an entertaining night. My almost 3 year old was in rare form and came up with the craziest things to say AND do!

Earlier today, she was repeating EVERYTHING I was saying to her. Laughing her little head off. I told her “you are lucky you are cute, because you sure do drive me nuts!” Without a beat she yells back at me in a little evil voice “I’M NOT CUTE!” and stomped out of the room. 😬😂

This evening when I was sitting at the kitchen table while the kids were upstairs relaxing and watching tv for a bit before bed, I hear all this chitter chatter coming from this cute, little voice. It was getting louder as it was making its way down the steps, through the hallway and around the corner and then BOOM! The little voice suddenly stopped and when I looked up I saw my little girl standing in the doorway with her pj shirt off her shoulders and down around her waist (not real sure how she did that) holding 2 play kitchen spoons over her “girly parts” and says with a smile                                                 “don’t look 👀 at my boobies!”  😳😳                 I couldn’t help but laugh at her silliness. She looked so cute, innocent and comical, it was hard not to laugh.

Then shorty later at bedtime, when we were laying in bed, out of nowhere she stands up and says “boys do this!”(pretending to hold her crotch area, moving back and forth making a pssss sound like she is peeing)!!!

My older two were never this comical, entertaining, dramatic, crazy and off the wall at this age. I am not real sure where I went wrong with her, but it’s a good thing that there is another little one after her to hopefully make up for it. But unfortunately, I am afraid she is gonna be the worst of the 4!

My children are my greatest blessings, but also my biggest headaches!…LOL                                     


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