When the power goes out 

It’s a beautiful, sunny but windy day here Da Burgh! All of our power lines are under ground so when the power goes out it must be big! 

And…the power has been out for over an hour already and I am doing my best to entertain 2 silly, nap refusing, potty training toddlers. We have read a 100 books, played hair dresser (I was the client), put together blocks, had a snack and cleaned up a few messes.

The littlest one is very upset because she can’t watch Zootopia for the 1000th time and the older one has no care…no care at all… not even a care to pee on the potty. I believe we have gone through more ‘big girl pants’ today then we have all week. I am on the verge of giving up…lol

The countdown to bus stop pick up has begun…T minus 1 hour and 40 minutes. I am hoping one of a three things happen before that:

  1. Both potty training  little girls crash for a nap and the craziness calms if the power doesn’t come back on.
  2. The power comes back on so I don’t have to play Spider-Man and manually open my garage door so I can drive to the bus stop with 2 crazy  potty training toddlers. 
  3. All of the above

I bet you can’t guess which one I would love to happen?!?! ❤️ 😜


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