Oils to the rescue

It’s a little after 9:00 at night and I just settled onto the couch with an adult beverage, my hubby, a show…and my very wound up toddler. When I say wound up, I mean running around like crazy, laughing at anything, repeating everything she hears, singing silly songs, doing flips and asking for a snack about every 10 seconds. Not sure where we went wrong with her or what she decided to get into today but she is darn lucky she is so cute or her butt wound be duct taped to her bed (not really)…LOL

Actually, it’s a nice change watching this silly monkey entertain me after caring for her baby sister who is battling an ear infection and wouldn’t even let me use the bathroom without her. I hate when my babies are sick, sad or feeling like crap. 

Times like this I am thankful for my essential oils. A little dab of lavender and cedarwood go a long way and before I know it, I’m enjoying the rest of the night in quiet.


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