Time Flies

Christmas has come and gone. 

The new year has begun. 


Over the past 10 days, the activities were endless, the laughs were contagious, the car rides seemed never ending, the messes were outrageous and the memories were priceless. It’s been an exhausting joyride, but one I feel blessed to have been on with my chaotic crew. I absolutely LOVE it 😍!

I love the holiday season and having my kids home all day every day. It’s a nice feeling not having to set the alarm and getting up to rush to get somewhere. But on the other hand, it’s also a nice feeling getting back to “normal” and having a little bit of quiet.

What I don’t like is how bare, dark and boring things look and feel around the house without the pretty decorations and hearing the kids giggle from the other room. The hustle and bustle of the holidays seem to start before we are ready and end before we even blink twice. Life as we know it is speeding by…

  • In 18 days my baby #3 will be turning THREE 😯 
  • In just a few short months (3) my baby, baby #4, will be turning 2! 😏
  • Baseball Season and Spring Training is right around the corner, which means my hubby will be back on the road again.
  • Summer vacation is 22 weeks away 😎 and by then the New Year is half over and no longer “new.” Which means the new school year will start and a Christmas countdown has begun.

The days maybe long, but the years are short! My hope and prayer for the new year is to slow down enough to enjoy every moment God blesses us with and to see and remember His gracious hand is at work in each and every moment!


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