Ramblings of a Two Year Old

Over the past week we have spent more time traveling in a car then not being in a car. I got to hear A LOT of silly saying from my kids. But the best came from my 2 year old and her super active imagination. Most of the things she said were in the middle of pretend/imaginary play…

  • Come here big guy
  • You little rat
  • That was spicy! (Pretending to eat her hand)
  • Smell my stinky feet
  • I see horses in the sky
  • Hey don’t say that!
  • I don’t want to go home
  • I don’t want Sprite, it’s beer
  • Go away you monster
  • ABCDEFGQXTUVLMNOPWXYZ(singing her alphabet)
  • 1236985476327(counting things)
  • Don’t you do it! (With her eyes scrunched and pointing her fingers)
  • Look at my crazy hair!
  • Because I hold the world in my hands (in a loud, evil laughing voice)

And she did a lot of fake crying, silly laughing and playing hide-n-go-seek with herself! 

For the most part she was good and happy entertaining herself, but after 12+ straight hours in the car you can only handle so much!

Looking forward to being home…in a few more hours!


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