Troubles with traveling

I spent the last two days traveling from PA to MO in a packed full mini van with 4 kids and a puppy. Crazy??? Perhaps! Exhausted??? Definitely!!! 

How come traveling makes you more tired than usual when all you do is just sit there starting out the window? It amazes me how my body is so sore and restless after I spent 12+ hours resting. Maybe not doing anything is the reason?!? Having for 4 little kids to constantly pick up after I am rarely sitting idol. (Even in the middle of the night, someone gets up and needs me for something.) I am not used to sitting around doing NOTHING, so the past two days have taken a toll on me physically and I feel worse than I did before we started on our journey. 

I so badly just want to hop back in the car (sounds stupid I know) and head to the closest mall/shopping center and walk around for a few hours to get the blood circulating again and to clear my head and help prepare me for the mental exhaustion that will most likely occur (spending 24/7 in a house with control crazed in-laws, 7 kids, and 3 dogs) over the next few days.

It’s always nice to get away and see family we don’t get to see very often, but it always takes so much out of ya…physically, financially and mentally!

The day comes that we are finally readjusted but it’s time to head back home. So then the sadness creeps in because we don’t want to leave but have to. It’s a never ending vicious cycle.

The funny thing is the kids can’t wait and start counting down the days until next time…oh boy!!! 


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