My Christmas Angel

From the time my eyes opened in the morning until this very moment, I have enjoyed this Christmas Eve. It was hard and tearful at times, but I managed to trudge forward and keep our family traditions going.

The house was filled with lots of love, laughter, good food and yummy cookies along with tears, memories and toasts to my mom. It was a bit quieter than years past, but not forgotten.

Oh how she loved Christmas! The more people that entered the house, the happier AND louder she got. Whether you were a first time visitor or an annual attendee, my mom made you feel welcomed,  appreciated and loved at all times. Her motto always was…“the first time you are a visitor, after that make yourself at home.” And everyone always did just that. Some, so much so they became just like part of the family and mom dubbed them ‘adopted’ family members.

I feel pretty proud of myself holding it together for most of the day. It wasn’t until the party was dwindling and the guests were departing when I got sad, quiet and the tears started to fall, FAST. Offering blessings, wishing everyone A Merry Christmas and giving hugs to everyone as they headed out the door was a bit sobering and overwhelming, especially when I got a hug from my big brother. (Our relationship isn’t the best and most loving sibling relationship, but we do care for each other and can be loving attimes…mostly the really good times and the really bad times.) That hug was a special moment and I could feel my mom’s presence, her joy and her great deep love for our family. 

Mom may have not been sitting at the table physically, but I do believe she was there watching, laughing, loving and hugging each and everyone of us tonight. We may not believe in Santa, but we do believe in Angels and my mom is now among them!

                                                        Merry Christmas Everyone!

              May God bless you and your family with love, laughter and happiness!


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